BIE 2022

The very best Best in English student Atilla Agárdi scored 110,5 points (from Magyar-Angol Tannyelvű Gimnázium és Kollégium, Hungary). The average result among the students was 74 points and the median 77,5.

Have you enjoyed our language testing?

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This Test has been developed by a team of teachers and teacher trainers from Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno (Mgr. et Mgr. Jan Eichler, Mgr. Zuzana Crhová, M.A, Mgr. Katerina Brabcova) and reviewed by the European Language Examination Center and Akcent International House Prague.

Thanks a lot for taking the Test and looking forward to your feedback.

Your Best In English team

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For almost 2 decades the Czech-us agency has been helping young people gain experience from abroad offering study, work, and language programmes across the world. Czech-us agency offers University studies in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands and also organizes a summer school for international students as

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Future success and employability rate of both university and secondary school graduates is closely linked with the efficiency of applying acquired knowledge to real-life situations. The mission of the Institute for Competencies Development focuses on the thinking, deliberation, and ambitions of current students and graduates.

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With over 20 years of experience in providing first-class English programs, ILAC attracts students and professionals from more than 75 different countries. ILAC offers high-quality English classes for all levels and purposes and provides safe and affordable accommodations, exciting trips and activities, and free college and university placement.

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Injoy agency was established in 2010 and provides various work and study programs thanks to support and partnerships with sponsors and institutions based in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We all work together on work and study programs.

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The Summer School offers a range of popular 2 week courses taught in English – eg. Online Marketing (Social Media), Human Resources, Business Management, Personal and Professional Development etc. More on

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For 23 years BHV Education has been successfully cooperating with many esteemed organisations, schools, universities and embassies worldwide. To this day over 10 000 pupils, students and professionals have taken part in our programmes which include studying abroad, high-school exchange, language courses as well as professional training and development.

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The Center for Talented Minds is a non-profit organization that provides modern education to children from primary level to graduation as a leading player in digital education. They accentuate an individual and flexible approach to education, whether in online courses or on Discovery Saturdays. Online courses in English respect the pace of students and give them the opportunity to tap into fields they enjoy. In addition, students often complete their studies with an international Advanced Placement exam and then aim for the university of their dreams.

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European Language Examination Centre

Evropské centrum jazykových zkoušek (European Language Examination Centre) offers to schools a wide variety of Cambridge English language exams and corresponding services for students and their teachers.